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At Action Digital Document Solutions we can handle your eDiscovery and file conversion needs. Sometimes it’s just not practical to own every application to open every file format. That’s where we come in. We can convert any image or text format to Acrobat PDF or any of the major image database formats. 

Image Processing & PDF Services

We offer Image Processing options, like branding Bates numbers or performing OCR to aid in searches. We also offer PDF Services such as the creation of hyperlinks and bookmarks, applying electronic trial exhibit stickers, and indexing your files.


Once your files have been consolidated into a single format we can create deliverables to load into most major image database programs such as Summation, Concordance, iPro, Trial Director & Relativity. 




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Send us your files

Use Actions Hightail feature to send your files to us for printing. No matter if it is 100 pages or 100,000, our secure file transfer feature can handle any volume.


Image Processing

Numbering, Naming, Endorsing, OCR, Indexing, and Coding.

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We Deliver!

We can hand deliver, US Mail or FedEx your project to you.

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