Assembly Options

Action Digital Document Solutions offers several options to make organizing and finding documents easier.


Choose from an assortment of colored paper to separate your printed documents. Most of our clients choose to assemble using staples or clips or just leave it loose. 




3-hole drill your documents to allow for placement into 3-ring binders that can be organized with covers, spines, an index, plastic pockets for oversize docs or other odd size items, CD sleeves, and alpha, numeric, or custom made tabs. We carry a range of binders from a 1/2" all the way up to 4".

Divider Tabs

We can organize your documents using alpha or numeric tabs to organize your documents or create custom made tabs that say what you want them to say.






Your documents can be organized into manila folders, labeled, and ordered to your specific project needs.



Hot Glue Bind

Hot glue binding provides a nice clean look that is accepted by the courts for briefs and appendices. It can also be used for quarterly board materials, reports or presentations.


GBC Bind

GBC binding allows books up to 300 pages to lay flat when open so they are easier to handle.


Acco & Report Covers

Documents can be punched on either the side or top and can be bound using Acco clips. Additionally, report covers can be added depending on the project needs.


Community involvement

Our goal is to improve the overall quality of life for our neighbors locally, regionally, and globally.

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Send us your files

Use Actions Hightail feature to send your files to us for printing. No matter if it is 100 pages or 100,000, our secure file transfer feature can handle any volume.


Image Processing

Numbering, Naming, Endorsing, OCR, Indexing, and Coding.

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We Deliver!

We can hand deliver, US Mail or FedEx your project to you.

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