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We offer several image processing options to make searching and finding your documents easier.


Choose a numbering sequence for your document with custom prefix or suffix.


Provide us with your naming parameters and we will name your documents so you can more easily find them.


Apply your numbering sequence directly onto the images to make it easier to track them on a page per page basis. It also allows you to know when something is omitted from the production set when there are gaps in the numbering.

OCR Searchable

Make you documents searchable so you can search for keywords.

Indexing & Coding

Indexing is the process of organizing documents into electronic folders that are named by people, categories or any other criteria. Coding is the process of using data fields to identify certain elements of a scanned document. Examples of these fields include To, From, Date Sent and Subject for emails or Document Titles.

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Send us your files

Use Actions Hightail feature to send your files to us for printing. No matter if it is 100 pages or 100,000, our secure file transfer feature can handle any volume.


Image Processing

Numbering, Naming, Endorsing, OCR, Indexing, and Coding.

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